Folk And Roll is a label of Crotalo Ed. Musicali

Crotalo Ed. Musicali was established in 1980 as “LM Records”, an independent record label. Luigi Mazzesi is the founder and sole proprietor. Crotalo Ed. Musicali manages several labels, each one specialized in its own musical cluster: LM Records for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, JazzTone Records for Contemporary Jazz, Folk And Roll for Country, Rock Country and Rock‘n’Roll, Music For Fun Dance, Pop Music and Ballroom Orchestras, New LM Records Rock and Blues, DWMB Records for scouting. As musical editor it collaborates with Musicando e Giallo Records that carry out reprints of the Beat of the 60s and Progressive Rock of the 70s. The catalogue distribution is carried out by I.R.D. Crotalo Ed. Musicali is present in the main digital stores. Today, with the new site, Crotalo Ed. Musicali offers a catalogue that contains more than 5000 pieces, as musical library for synchronizations, sound tracks, etc. At Midem this year Crotalo Ed. Musicali proposed, as absolute novelty, The Crazy Bulls Band, an Italian-South African rock-country band. The exclusively “home made” music of this band, was chosen by famous international Honky Tonk country dance choreographers on which to write their country dance choreographies. During the first five years of its life this band has become a reference point in its sector at international level. And then again, Paolo Barabani, Rodolfo Santandrea, Riz Samaritano, Stefano Calvano, Eros Mazzon and Faden Piano Trio and again more and more music.