Crazy Bulls Band – No Rules

The third album by the Crazy Bulls Band “NO RULES” has been released. I really must say that this album is the one that undoubtedly affirms the maturation of the artists. This band represents current generation country music, a stars-and-stripes electric sound with guitars, fiddle, banjo, ukulele and voices, surely Leda’s, the Italo-South African songwriter with Irish influence, author of all the lyrics, but let me say the distance between Ireland and the USA is music-wise not so far after all. Definitely more Italian country is the male voice that we can hear in this CD, it’s Stefano’s, my friend and collaborator, very talkative but unable to write a review on his work and so here am I to do it. He is the composer of the music and what can be perceived in this album is a true passion for his work. Leda’s lyrics are intense, sincere and full of love towards nature, at times engaging as they denounce and repudiate the current class of “ political crooks and loafers” (cit). In the album there is also a re-arranged cover of a song by Victor J.Chapman, a South African songwriter and a ballad by our blues guitarist friend, Gaetano Pellino, who toured with the Crazy Bulls this year and recorded and mixed the songs of their album. Most of the songs were written and have been used for line dance choreographies, yes it’s true, by listening to this album it seems new country music to listen to while you are driving in your car passing through the Padania flat lands, or the Appalachian Mountains or why not on a motor-way towards Mexico, instead these songs are mostly used by dancers who compete all over Europe and often win! So then, what else can I add? Buy the CD, put it in your CD player and off you go it will surely be a good trip in great company!


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